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Hey! News! I've cleaned up the archives. If you're looking for the old pictures that weren't part of the story, check the "Gallery" link!
As I said above, the Gallery is now active!

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Hey, can you believe it? I finally fixed up all the links on my navigation menu! (except the forum)

I also cleaned up the archive, so now the only stuff you'll find by clicking the navigation buttons are actual pages of comic book. If you want to find the other pictures, check the gallery. I don't think I left anything out.

Ok, so now I've got the web page in good shape, and story worked out for the first few chapters. Now it's just a matter of drawing the darn thing. From this point on, my main concern is producing the actual comic. I'm really aiming for one update a week, for now.

I'm leaving a copy of the links here for now, even though you can access them through the menu. Just a transition thing.

Check out to following comic: Blue Canary at I've heard from a reliable source that she's going to update again soon. If she doesn't update soon, I'm going to personally take away her "They Might Be Giants" collection and not give it back 'till I have something new to read.

Another comic of interest is the new and upcoming Gecko Nation done by Tim Shea. I'm more impressed with this one every time he updates. And here I thought there wasn't anything funny about the tech stock crash...

Want to see a fantasy/adventure comic that gets updated more than once every other month? Then check out Saving Taern By Tyndal. He's got a great story, and his already good art gets better every time he puts a pencil to paper.

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Coming soon! (don't hold your breath) About.. um.. you know.. whatver! Talk to me, baby! Yo, check them out! See the pretty pictures!